MSB 2022

International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis

 Liège, Belgium    April 3-6, 2022

Prices and Activities

Please note that only participants with a COVID-Safe certificate will be granted access to the event. We thank you for your understanding. The organisers also remain constantly attentive to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and, if the situation requires it, additional measures will be taken to ensure a safe and fruitful face-to-face meeting.


Profile Early-bird until 17/01/2022 Standard until 03/03/2022 Late
Short Courses only 150 EUR 150 EUR 180 EUR
PhD student 350 EUR 450 EUR 540 EUR
Post Doctoral Student 450 EUR 550 EUR 660 EUR
Academic - Afsep member 575 EUR 675 EUR 810 EUR
Academic 660 EUR 760 EUR 912 EUR
Industry affiliated - Afsep member 725 EUR 800 EUR 960 EUR
Industry affiliated 810 EUR 885 EUR 1060 EUR

Catering to book

Catering to book Price (EUR)


12:30 Lunch bag for Sunday Short Courses
Lunch bag to be booked for the lunch on Sunday, when participating to the Short Courses
10 EUR

List of activities

Activities Price (EUR)


10:30 Short Course 1
Micro-pillar Array Columns: Concept, Possibilities and Applications
10:30 Short Course 2
An Introduction to Biosensors
10:30 Short Course 3
Advances and Utility of Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics
13:30 Short Course 4
Liquid-phase Microextraction
13:30 Short Course 5
New Quantitation and Validation Trends in Separation MS - based Bioanalysis
13:30 Short Course 6
Introducing Vortices in Microfluidic Devices for Analytical and Preparative Separations


19:00 Banquet
Included in the fee but subject to registration.